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19 thoughts on “Contact Ryan

    1. Mark Notzon

      Hello, Ryan
      Where can I find a copy of your critique of Ginsberg’s article? Online, that is.

      I have spent a good part of the winter pondering Raymond Tallis’s “Aping Humanity: Neuromania, Darwinitis, and the Misrepresentation of Humanity.” Tallis is a British nueroscientist highly critical of the extravagant claims made by many in his own field. I am afraid that the glamours associated with neuroscience will be fuelling the Feldenkrais Guild Conference. Tallis is formidably literate in the history of Western philosopohy and science, and is an avowed atheist. Nonetheless he beautifully demonstrates that “A neural account of consciousness is a contradiction in terms.” So would too, by extension, be a neural account of awareness.

      The FGNA may be capitualiting to scientism.

      Mark Nozon
      Sometimes Feldenkrais Practitioner
      Decatur, MI

      1. nagster Post author

        Hi Mark – Thanks for the comment. Here is the article that I wrote: The book that you are mentioning looks incredible, though there is no kindle version and as I live in Mexico it might be a while before I have a chance to take a deeper look at it.

        I’m not particularly convinced that Carl has fallen prey to scientism or an over reliance on science. My issue was simply how sloppy and incoherent his essay was. In the Feldenkrais community, we seem to give Felenkrais “trainers” and those who knew Moshe a free pass to put out all kinds of nonsense without any type of meaningful critique. I would like to help change that within the community.

        I hope you are doing well out there.

        – Ryan

  1. James B. Levert

    Today is a discovery day due to stumbling onto this site and ongoing “sharing” about the Guild, policy, training standards etc.

    My thoughts may only parellell others. I left the guild after a mix of issues not the least my own sense of “mastery” of the method (+or_) and the seemingly clumsy actions of the Guild and its supporters/trainers etc. So there is a connection of sorts.

    I have a great deal of respect for Carl. Much lies below the surface here. Much to be appreciated.

    I’ll beg off for the moment and take this up as I absorb continuing dialog and crystalize my own experiences and relationship to the need for an opening up of the whole darn mess. Yep, Mess!

  2. nagster Post author

    Thanks for your comments James. Yes, Carl does a lot of good work. Or so I have been told. I haven’t experienced much of his work myself. I tend to take aim at the “reasonable” trainers. There are several trainers who say they want change and that they want things to be different. But to date they have never taken a stand or taken definitive action. Carl GInsberg, in my opinion, is one of those people – wants change, won’t take a stand.

    Anyway, I’m just as delusional as anyone else, so feel free to take my comments with a grain of salt.

    cheers – Ryan

  3. Annie Thoe

    Hi Ryan,
    I left you a long message and it disappeared. Anyway, I meant to write a long time ago. We met at a Feldy Conference ages ago. I’m on Whidbey Island, WA — teaching there and in Seattle, also an Assistant Trainer, teaching advanced trainings and mentoring practitioners. My specialty is weaving nature awareness with Feldenkrais. I have a website and will be soon launching my MP3’s on my work. I’d love to be listed as a resource on your list and will do the same with you on my site.
    All the best and thanks for all you do! Hope to see you at the conference this year.

    1. nagster Post author

      Hi Annie – I have been having problems with messages getting marked as spam, even though they are clearly not spam. My apologize. I recognize your name and your face. Though not our meeting. Sorry! My first few Feldenkrais conferences were a bit overwhelming.

      I added a link to you with some very specific google keywords. They should do you some good!



  4. Dan

    In a blog about David Bersin, someone called Paul Doron, mentions he has lots of recorded ATMs that David wanted to trade with him. What are these ATMs and are they available for practitioners? Or is Paul one of those people who will secretly take it into his coffin with him? – hope not and hope its readily available and Paul lives a good peaceful and quality happy life and everyone else too!

      1. nagster Post author

        Hi Dan, this is what Paul sent me, edited at his request. – Ryan

        Hi Ryan,

        I am writing you from the south of Germany, where I am recovering after I had a stroke. My speach is impaired, but I am recovering very well. I took a very long walk in the forest with a friend who is visiting me. I am enjoying the many hours of Feldenkrais lessons that I do from memory. Lessons that I learned during the seventies in Alexander Yanai.

        Now Chava Shelhav, Ruthy Alon, and Eli Wadler have much further developed what once was the Feldenkrais Method. Feldenkrais is no more actual as the new developments of the above mentioned trainers and of their pupils and pupils of pupils.

        I am enjoying my stress less life, doing nothing more than eating, working with myself like a baby all day long, and reading.

        Yes, in 1985 David Bersin wanted from me the hundreds of AY lessons that I recorded for my own learning at home, at my own pace, away from the drive to and from the Alexander Yanai groups. To get to the AY sessions it took two hours in each direction and with two bus changes, four times a week…I went for nearly 10 years. I changed my mind about giving Bersin my tapes immediately after I realized that he was only interested in his own promotion as the “best trainer” of “alL time.” He was not interested in a real collaboration.

        Now the IFF sits on 800 tapes of Moshe, which they themselves do not really know if they want to hide the material another 100 years or publish it as some “new” development in the Feldenkrais method done.

        There is hope: I am arranging that everything I have. It will be put in a special homepage in Internet at the right moment. I will need only a single switch in order to be put it all online, as Moshe really wished. Many of those AY Lessons are to be found in the official list, but others unfortunately are not, no more. Those who are no more in the official list may be found by Eli Wadler or by Myriam Pfeffer or by her daughter and some others.

        Have fun with it, and now I am going to do my lullaby ATM, a phantastic meditative lesson, which I am not sure that it is in the official list

  5. Antero Virtanen

    Dear Ryan,

    I appreciate your thoughts about the free availability feldenkrais method. Yet I feel that comparing how much you talk about giving lessons and transcripts for free and how much you share yourself is unbalanced. I almost get a feeling that all this talk about free feldenkrais is really aimed at promoting your mp3 store. I would appreciate if you followed the model you are proposing for others yourself.

    Thank you very much!

  6. Antero Virtanen

    I would like to add, however, that I definitely agree with Ryan about the issue of Guild restricting access to feldenkrais materials to the public. I can see no reason apart from abusing the public financially for not making available such materials as the ATM lessons during Alexander Yanai or Esalen workshops. What kind of harm to the public or to anyone could be caused for making these materials available to the public?


  7. Ryan Nagy

    Hi Antero,

    Thanks for your messages. When I first started giving away free sessions and transcripts, I was a graduate student getting paid to teach. That is, I had a job and someone to help pay my bills. After I left school, the income from selling Feldenkrais mp3 became more important to me and I began to create them, sell them, and promote them more. So, yes, I see your point. Though now I am more in the “real world” having to make a living.

    I would love it if someone with more time and money would keep making Feldenkrais sessions available for free. I think it will eventually happen.

    Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

    Much appreciated!


  8. Roy Handsley

    Dear Ryan,

    I hope you are well,

    My name is Roy Handsley an Israeli living in London UK.

    As a person that just started to be interested in DR.Feldenkrais’s work and read your page I would like to ask please:

    Did Mr David Zemach ever studied Judo for a few years? I could not find an answer for this question over the web.

    Kind Regards,

    Roy Handsley

    1. nagster Post author

      Hi Roy, thanks for the message. I have no knowledge of David Bersin studying Judo. He certainly had not when I trained with his organization back in the early 1990’s. The best way to find out would be to contact the Feldenkrais Institute that Bersin created n New York. The would likely know.



  9. nagster Post author

    Hey Benj, after reading your message I got the urge to write up a fake research article. I was thinking “The increase in the average number of sexual copulations as a function of time spent doing awareness through movement.” That has potential. I jumped off the research track a few years ago in favor of marketing the method and related ideas. So I do not know what is going on in that area.

    However, someone (Pat Buchanon???) was doing something…..measuring folks as they went through a training to see what was happening. Presumably they were not getting dumber. Let’s hope not.

    Keep me posted and feel free to send me an email whenever you would like (do some google searches and my email address should come up).

    And remember to stop by here from time-to-time:

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