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Feldenkrais Radio Interview: Edward Yu (Uncut Version)

Below is an 18-minute or so interview with Edward Yu of Radically Transformative Fitness first broadcast last year by Lisa Garr of the Aware Show. I hope you enjoy it! Click the green triangle to play:

[esplayer url=" Garr.mp3" width="200" height="25"]

Or click to download the interview to your computer Garr.mp3

Edward will be teaching in Budapest Hungary in just a few short weeks. Click here to download a 1-page brochure on the subject:
Budapest Workshop.

For more information you can contact the event coordinator, Feldenkrais Practitioner István Heimer at fsts AT

Feldenkrais Podcast with Edward Yu (The Art of Slowing Down)

I am republishing a couple of radio interviews with Edward Yu, the Feldenkrais Practitioner who wrote “The Art of Slowing Down, A Sense-ABLE Approach to running. For one interview by Lisa Garr of the Aware Show I could not obtain permission so I am only posting a 2-minute piece of the interview.

The second interview is from Robin Hood Radio a show from an NPR station in Sharon Connecticut. I am posting the entire interview with the permission of the interviewer Marshall Miles. If you want to subscribe to the Robin Hood Show you can do so through itunes: Robin Hood Radio on iTunes.

I hope you enjoy this! Both interviews are worth hearing:

Edward Yu Podcast (click!).

If you want to hear more from Edward, he has several presentations as well as an Awareness Through Movement lesson and a chapter from his book at the Feldenkrais Running Conference.