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Short Video: Email Marketing To Grow Your Practice (It’s Not Just For The “Big Guys”)

Email Marketing For The “Rest” Of Us

Hi all – I hope you will consider taking my webinar on using email marketing to grow your practice…it is brief, to the point and can be very important for growing your practice and business (an no, you don’t have to be slightly insane like me to make it work): Email Marketing Made Possible and Easier

Here is the link again: “Email Marketing Made Possible and Easier.”

Marketing Your Feldenkrais-Based Practice

Marketing Feldenkrais ImageYears ago, in approximately 2005, when I first began selling Feldenkrias stuff online, my idea was to break free from selling products as “Feldenkrais” and to go directly for what people were searching for online. For example, rather than selling ‘Feldenkrais TMJ Lessons” I would sell “Natural TMJ Relief” or “TMJ Exercises.” It was a great idea. But my skill set and understanding of online marketing were not strong enough. I made several attempts at selling “Drug-Free Back Pain Relief” and “Natural Back Pain Relief” but ultimately, the only thing that gained traction was Feldenkrais Back Pain Relief.

In the short term, selling within the “Feldenkrais” arena was a good move. It helped keep me afloat financially while I kept learning about programming, and internet marketing and sales. But you know what? For me, “Feldenkrais” is a rate-limiting term. It limits growth, awareness, and sales. Again – for me. It might be different for you.

So, with a strange mixture of having a heavy heart and also a sense of excitement, I am launching my next “mini product” with Feldenkrais as a tag line. I won’ tell you exactly what I will be launching, as I am not quite sure. But to give you an example: “Back Pain Relief, Using Feldenkrais Principles.”

I think perhaps it is better to gain traction in a larger market than to gain traction in a smaller market. Especially one with a very slow rate of growth.

Just some thoughts for now. As usual, I write and publish this stuff as an aid to my thinking and action. Your mileage may vary.

Update September 27th, 2020: My initial idea that it is”better to gain traction in a larger market than to gain traction in a smaller market,” was incorrect. It is easier, cheaper, and more efficient to gain traction in the smallest market in which you can make a difference and impact. You start small, become an important player, and then grow from the base of stability that you have created. You want people to be actively searching for a solution that you have. And when you are in a smaller market, they can more easily find you and learn about you. And because you are actively trying to help them and learn about them, you are more likely to have THE solution that they need and want.


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Does Apple Own The Feldenkrais Method?

In the last month, I have received messages from two different people who have bought one of my Feldenkrais mp3 series directly from me and said, “Ryan, I bought your product but it didn’t work. I don’t see it on my iPhone. It is not in my iTunes either.” People are buying stuff directly from me and then expecting it to be automatically transfered or to show up in their iTunes. In other words, the Apple ecosystem has gotten so strong that it has created for some people the habit and expectation that their music and mp3’s should just magically show up in iTunes regardless of where they buy them.

For me, this creates a bit of a problem because for every $1 that I make selling my downloads via iTunes and Amazon, I make $5 selling on my own. To state that differently, on a month that I make $100 selling via Apple and Amazon, I usually take in $500 or more on my online store. The two numbers are not related, there is no correlation or causality between them. But I keep about 95% of the profit when I sell on my own. And when selling via iTunes and Amazon only keep about 63%…not to mention that iTunes limits my selling price to $9.99 per album.

So…am I crazy to keep selling my stuff through the music aggregators such as iTunes? Perhaps. But I constantly get positive feedback from people who have bought my stuff on iTunes. And I know that I am reaching people who otherwise might not have tried the method. And…as many of you know…I make my living selling online and I do have some secret weapons. For example, many people who do not buy directly from me end up signing up for my email list. I have created a direct path for them to do so. And later many of them buy directly from me. And, perhaps more important, when I start teaching live Feldenkrais classes again, I will have a very large email list of people who know me and who have used my work and to whom I can promote my workshops.

And, as much as it pains me to say this, Apple iTunes and the Amazon mp3 store are only going to get more powerful and gain more market share. They are becoming ingrained in people’s buying process and they are getting larger and larger. Not being on those services limits the ability of the work to get better known and for individual practitioners to get better known. It is about as simple is that.

If you want to learn more about this, in particular, WHETHER you should sell online and HOW you should sell online. And how to do so in the most cost-effective and most powerful way, I invite you take an hour with me to show you some tips, tricks and strategies for doing so. We can spend our time wondering how the work can get better known…or we can take action and make the work better known. For me, it is a very simple choice.

If you are not ready to sell online right now, right away. That’s fine. Start learning today and plant the seeds for the next phase of your development:

The Feldenkrais Google Keyword Universe (Free Download)

Hi all – As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am in the process of pulling together my researching, marketing and google ranking techniques that I have learned and invented over the last 10 years of working online. Last year was a milestone of sorts as my various online businesses took in over 6 figures. That is, over $100,000. That is gross income, of course. And not all that ended up in my pocket. But a hell of a lot of it did. And now that I am older and wiser and not spending my money on cocaine and hookers, the money seems to go further.

I am designing the best way to get my research and marketing strategies to folks. But it is not simply a matter of teaching what I know, but making sure that people actually DO it and use it. I am leaning towards putting everything on a separate website. And then doing short 15 to 30 minute webinars where I teach specific skills. And then everyone has a week or two for implementation with access to an online space where I can answer questions and help people along in there process.

What I will be doing primarily, is teaching people how to reach out to new groups of people – new niches of people interested in the Feldenkrais Method…though the people themselves, may not know what Feldenkrais is and how it can help them. It is a pretty cool and powerful “thing” because you can actually find out ahead of time what people want and need and then design your practice and marketing around that. Much resistance simply never occurs when you speak someone else’s language and align with them.

Anyway, I took a short break from the researching, planning and writing to download 2 short reports of the top 1000 google searches that people did in the last year to reach this site. One thousand searches may seem like a large number but it is only a small subset. Would you believe that there were 5083 different keyword combinations that people used to reach this website? And 20,023 google searches overall?

Of course, then question becomes what do you DO with the keyword knowledge and how can it help you to act and speak with more clarity and precision about the Feldenkrais Method. And how to use it to help the work become better known. I can help you find and implement the answers. More on that soon.

For now, click the links below and download the pdf’s. You may be surprised at how diverse people’s interest are..and you might be surprised to find your name on one of the reports, or the name of a friend…

Download: First 500 Search Terms
Download: The Next 500 Search Terms

High Fat, High Sodium Feldenkrais. Would It Sell Better?

If you have a chance, you may want to consider reading the article from the New York Times on The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food. It is quite fascinating. I found the article vomit-inducing at times, hope-inducing at others, and very much worth reading. Notice the time and energy that scientists and researchers spent trying to find out what people “want,” unconsciously or otherwise, and how to give it to them. You may be disgusted by the results. I sure as hell am. But at least the questions were asked and real people were consulted.

I have been doing a ton of researching and writing the last few months and have some ways for Feldenkrais Practitioners to cheaply and efficiently do the type of research that will allow us to find out what people want and how to give it to them…using their own language and values. Very powerful stuff.

I hope I will be able to sharing it with you soon. But as always, god is in the details. Here is the link to the article again:

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food.


Does The Internet Make Us Unfocused and Unaware?

Could we say that the internet does bad things to our brains and our attention? For instance, is the technology inherently distracting? Does is scatter our awareness and attention? Does it limit our ability to attend deeply to ideas and encourage a superficial understanding of information? Does the internet actually LIMIT learning by bringing us so much stimulation and task-switching that less and less meaningful information makes it into our longterm memory?

As more and more research comes in, the answer appears to be a resounding YES. Though there are always gains and losses with the use of any technology and there are many positive outcomes that can be associated with the use of the internet, continued use of it can have negative consequences. I am currently reviewing research articles and books on the subject and I can give you a few examples to illustrate the point.

Imagine that I have just given you and 100 other people a 10-page printed research report. I have asked you to go somewhere and read it, telling you that I will test you on the content later. I have also given the same report to 100 other people but I have put it online with links to supporting information, references, some video links and other supporting material. Those people will be tested on the article as well.

After giving you as much time as you would like to review the materials, you come back and take the test on the content. Who do you think will do the best on average? You and the people with the paper report or the people with online access and related links? Take a minute to consider.

Studies have shown that, on average, people reading the material offline without the extra links and information would do better on tests of content retention. They would also tend to remember the material longer and to report a more satisfying experience of learning the material.

Is this cutting edge brand new research? No, not really. These types of findings are well over 10 years old. One of the first people to discover some of the drawbacks of online “linked” reading was a researcher named Erping Zhu who in 1999 wrote an article called, “Hypermedia Interface Design: The Effects of Number of Links and Granularity of Nodes.” Another “more recent” study in 2003 called “The Laptop and the Lecture: The Effects of Multitasking in Learning Environments” by Helene Hembrooke and Geri found similar results.

There are many more studies that I could mention, but I am just now reading them and wrapping my brain around the topic and would rather wait a bit before writing more.

However, I can say, quite delightedly, that the research has helped me to understand the successes (and failures) that I have been achieving online for the last 10 years or so and why the stuff that I teach WORKS. Quite simply, in my most successful projects, I have laser-targeted the information that I give people and the choices that I offer them, to encourage sufficient sustained attention for them to make a decision on my offering. I eliminate every link and distracting stimulus so that people can focus on my offers.

If this topic is intriguing to you and you want to learn more, I encourage you to join me online this Saturday morning, December 1st for a 55-minute webinar on the topic of getting better results online through your website.

You will learn:

How to get more people to contact you via phone or email.
How to gently get people’s attention tokeep them reading your website.
How to use testimonials to make more sales.
Why being clear is more important than being persuasive.
The importance of safety and how to communicate that you are a safe choice.

and quite a bit more. There are already 16 practitioners from all over the world set to attend, with space for 8 more. The webinar will be recorded if you cannot make the time and so that you can review it later. To attend you only need a computer and an internet connection. You will be able to see my computer screen (so I can show you examples of what works) and you will also be able to hear (via your phone or computer speakers) and interact with me. Enroll below and you will get your own personal link to the session.

When? Saturday, December 1st, 2012
Where? Everywhere. Just get online!
Time? 11:00 AM Central Time (Which is 9:00 AM Pacific/Noon Eastern
How Long? One hour.

Webinar has ended! Next one coming soon.

I came to Ryan knowing next to nothing about internet marketing but I knew I needed it if I wanted to take my Feldenkrais practice to the next level.

Now, I now have two high-ranked blogs, a website with “email sign-ups” and a bookstore! I am fully engaging the web with email my lists of my clients, email updates, sales pages, surveys, products and more. Best of all, my workshops are packed AND I can manage all this on my own!

Giselle St. Hilaire, GCFP
Sunyata Movement Studio

Have You Made a Commitment To The Work?

Have You Made a Commitment To Sharing The Work of Moshe Feldenkrais?

Have you taken certain steps to fulfilling that commitment such as giving sessions, teaching workshops and promoting yourself?

Perhaps you have also taken an advanced workshop, bought and worked with Feldenkrais materials, even created a website or social media presence?

Great! Ready to take your commitment into the internet realm and turbocharge your results online?

If so, I invite you to join me for the first of a series of webinars in which we will explore practical hands-on, kick-ass Feldenkrais marketing tactics as well as a few radical aspects of Moshe’s work as it lives on and evolves through YOU.

Begin At The Beginning: Getting Results From Your Web Presence.

The first step on our journey together is learning to control (yes, control) those aspects of your online presence and marketing that you can control. What that means in practical terms is having a web presence and message that RELIABLY brings you new students, workshop participants, product sales or whatever goal it is that you have. The vast majority of websites within the Feldenkrais community are nothing more than brochures put online. This is not a bad thing. We all have to start somewhere, right? But an effective website needs to be optimized to get people to take ACTION and actually DO something….like pick up the phone and call you for more information or send you an email. And it needs to do so in way that respects the needs and desires of the person reading your website.

A Website That Builds Your Practice

Why are we starting with your website? Because it is the crucial first step and having a killer website is something that is 100% in your control Having a great website is not ALL that you need. But without one, the internet cannot do much for you. Let me ask you a question, if 1000 people visited your website tomorrow, would you have a way of capitalizing on that? Can you put a dollar figure on it? Do you know how many new students you would get?

Your influence and ability to get more students and workshop participants is a function of the percentage of people who “convert” or do something on your website. Having a website where you only get 1000 visitors per month but 25 people contacting you, is infinitely better than having a website where you get 1000 visitors but only 1 contacts you. This is called your “conversion” rate. Getting more people to “convert” and take action on your website is a critical skill for expanding your reach in the world and it’s importance cannot be overstated.

Get Your Website Visitors To Take Action!

In this first webinar with me you will learn exactly what to put on your website to get more students or sales, including

How to get more people to contact you via phone or email.

How to gently but firmly get people’s attention and keep them reading your website.

How to use testimonials to make more sales. (Even though most people don’t think they work!).

Why being clear is more important than being persuasive.

The importance of safety and how to communicate that you are a safe choice. (This is THE most important factor of all).

Some quick search engine tips to give you a higher google ranking.

***The vast majority of health practitioners especially doctors and PT’s are doing Search Engine Optimization now. Without it you are at a big disadvantage.

Why You Should Listen To Me?

Bill O’Hanlon Recommends Ryan

“Ryan Nagy taught me something within the first five minutes of his coaching that has impacted my business success ever since. I knew after that first five minutes, he was a great teacher and coach and subsequent experience has only solidified that certainty. Ryan knows his stuff, is clear and generous with his skills and coaching. Work with Ryan and move to the next level in your visibility and effectiveness.” -Bill O’Hanlon, featured Oprah guest, author and speaker

I have been making 100% of my income through the web for over 5 years now and selling online for nearly a decade. I know what it takes to get people to take action online. I not only make over $25,000 per year in automated passive income through mp3 sales, ad revenue and affiliate marketing, but my newest online business is grossing six figures (over $100,000 in the last 12 months). Since mid-2006, I have been conducting experiments on my and my client’s websites to find out what works in internet marketing. I have real knowledge of what works and I will teach it to you.

The Geek Stuff Is (Mostly) Not Required

There are many ways to instantly increase your website’s effectiveness. Many of them are very simple and involve nothing more than changing a few words and adding some very specific language. Seriously. Even a child could make some of the changes. Other changes are slightly more complex. They involve changing or moving certain elements that you have on your site such as your pictures and graphic elements. Depending on your skill, comfort level, and website, you can make the changes yourself or have your web person do it. I

There are so many ways to approach being on the web and after attending Ryan’s webinar, I was able to see what the next steps are for me. It helps that Ryan is a Feldenkrais practitioner – he understands that this is a process and that you make a first pass and then a second pass. Ryan definitely has the technical information to answer all your questions and the resources he provided with the webinar were invaluable. I’ll be back for the next one. Kim Cottrell, GCFP, 2009 FGNA Program Chair

“My website is bringing me more referrals from local students and also generating interest and comments from colleagues all over the United States.” Carrie Lafferty, GCFP

Ready to Give it Go?

I only have room for 25 people on my online meeting service (GoToMeeting) and as of this moment, the first 15 spaces are already taken, so I only have room for 9 more. This blog post will be read by well over 2000 people in the next 48 hours and the webinar will likely fill-up. Likewise, it has been over TWO YEARS since I have offered webinars to the Feldenkrais community and it might be another few years before I do this again, if ever. So take action and join me so that you don’t miss out.

In this live, interactive online workshop I focus on the critical and crucial changes that you must make now to accelerate your results. I have eliminated all the fluff. And the information is laser-targeted to helping you increase your conversion rate and get better results from your online presence. When we are done, you will have a list of easy-to-make changes – many of which you can do yourself. And you will be empowered with the knowledge of what works online and how you can get there. Some of you may find that you are just one or two “tweaks” away from increased results.

The workshop will be recorded so that you can review it later. To attend you only need a computer and an internet connection. You will be able to see my computer screen (so I can show you examples of what works) and you will also be able to hear (via your phone or computer speakers) and interact with me. Enroll below and you will get your own personal link to the session.

***If the button below will not let you register, that means the workshop is full. Sorry.

When? Saturday, December 1st, 2012

Where? Everywhere. Just get online!

Time? 11:00 AM Central Time (Which is 9:00 AM Pacific/Noon Eastern

How Long? One hour.

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I stand behind what I sell. Always. If you are not satisfied with the workshop for any reason, you will get your money back – no questions asked.

GoToMeeting is the most advanced, reliable and easy webinar service that I have used. You only need a web browser and internet connection to join. If your internet is slow, you may want to consider calling in to hear the audio.

Be Fruitful And Multiply

“If ye have faith as a simple mp3, ye shall say unto this CD, “Convert into digital format and move hence to yonder place.” And it shall move. And nothing shall be impossible to you.” – Moshe Feldenkrais, Sermon on Making the Impossible Possible.

It’s happened twice in the last 24 hours and probably 12 times in last year. I navigate to a Feldenkrais Practitoner’s website. They have a cool product idea. I’m interested. I read the description and decide to buy it. And then I see:

“Email me and I will tell you the price.”

“CD only $49.95”

“Blah blah blah.”

My response?

“Oh ye of little faith! If the internet can sell thy CD’s, then it can also sell thy mp3’s, clothe thy children and to morrow go viral on Facebook. How much more will thy ATMS give sustenance to your practice and nourish your soul?”

Or in the common vernacular:

1) A person needs to be able to purchase your products immediately and without waiting. Ever heard of iTunes? Think: “Without hesitation and preparation.”

2) There are a huge number of people in the world who don’t buy CD’s. How many people do you see at the Gym with CD players now?

3) Selling only physical products limits your potential reach by about 10 billion people. You think someone in China, India, Brazil or New Zealand is going to buy your CD’s, pay $$$ for postage and then wait 4 weeks for them to arrive? Hell no. “Make the impossible possible.”

However, if your CD’s are sold as mp3’s and a person can buy them instantly – regardless of where they live – and have them on their computer or iPod in seconds…what do you think will happen to your sales?

So shall it be done.

You don’t know how to convert CD’s to digital audio?

You can learn. It’s free. Get a free copy of iTunes for your Mac or PC. Insert your CD. Find the “import” command. iTunes will convert your file to digital and import it.

You don’t know how to sell audio online?

You can learn. It’s free. Get a free 67-day trial to E-Junkie. You don’t even need a credit card. Nor do you need a credit card nor merchant account to accept money. View my free E-Junkie videos and learn how to sell your products. If you can cut and paste, you can use E-Junkie.

You don’t have any products?

Create some. It’s free. If you have a computer you can create an eBook using OpenOffice. If you have a Mac you probably already have built in microphones that allow you to record. Most PC’s have them too.

You don’t need an extra $100 to $500 per month selling Feldenkrais mp3’s?

I don’t believe you. But if it’s true, create some products, sell them and give the money to charity. Better yet, give them away for free. Saving people that you have never met from getting back surgery, carpal tunnel surgery or living a crappy life builds good karma. And self-esteem.

And remember Moshe’s words: “Convert. And go forth.”

Getting More Students: This is how it’s done…

Last month I taught a webinar on how you – as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and small business owner – can organize your website to get more students and workshop attendees. Within just a few days of the webinar one of the participants, Kim Cottrell, Portland Feldenkrais practitioner streamlined and organized her website to take advantage of the principles that I taught. The result? According to Kim:

“It’s working. I have had 5 new contacts in the last week. One woman wants to buy a package of 3 lessons. Two pregnant women. Two older women.”

Why is it working? I’ll let Kim describe it:

“My site is no longer cross-motivated.
Looks better, more attractive.
Clearer what I’m asking of them.
Clearer what I’m offering.”

That about covers it! If you have a website and you want people to DO something on that site – like call you to schedule a session – then you have to put yourself in the frame of mind that they are in. What are their needs and goals? What is the simplest way that you can communicate that can you help them?

Generally speaking, people don’t want to hear a story about Moshe walking to Palestine on foot (groan). Nor do they want to be lectured about the importance of awareness or learning how to learn, nor do they want to know about your credentials or who you studied with.

They want to know if you can help them.

In order to communicate to potential students that Kim can help, she starts her webpage with two great pictures. One clearly shows people moving (and clothed!), answering questions about what the method “is.” And the second is a picture of her (smiling) which connects the method to a real person:

And then she immediately moves into language and ideas that are about the client:

That language speaks to a great many people who come to her website. If a person has any of those thoughts in their head when they visit, they are likely to feel welcomed.

Kim then talks about some other ideas that might interest a customer and then she makes an offer. That is, she makes a simple, clear call to action:

Do you have a call to action on your website? You’ve got to have one. You have to make it easy for a person to understand what you want. Don’t take it for granted that they know.

Take quick look at Kim’s website: Kim Cottrell. And then take a look at your own. What can you do to simplify your website? Do people know what you are offering? Can they easily understand your language? Do you make them an offer? You don’t need to reorganize everything all at once. Just start with making some small changes that simplify what you are offering and what you do. There is a reason why you start an FI with some gentle movement that go with the person’s organization? The same idea applies online….