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Feldenkrais Podcasts

Feldenkrais Podcast #9: Alan Questel on Creativity

This is Part Two of my conversation with Alan Questel. In this 20 minute Feldenkrais Podcast we discuss creativity and embodying the creative process. Can creativity be taught with the Feldenkrais Method? Was Moshe actually using Awareness Through Movement to teach creativity? Listen to Alan’s thoughts on these and other topics.

Part Two: Download: A conversation with Alan Questel

The CD Set, “Creating Creativity: Embodying the Creative Process” can be purchased directly from Alan Questel – ASQUESTEL AT

You can also purchase if from Seth Paris at Easy Movement

Feldenkrais Podcast #8: Alan Questel

As promised, Part 1 of my long-awated podcast with Alan Questel, Feldenkrais Trainer. Sorry for the delay!

In my conversation with Alan he speaks about some of the new teaching and learning strategies that he is using in his latest Feldenkrais Training programs, as he explores several questions:

Are there more effective ways to teach Functional Integration and Awareness Through Movement? How is it possible to evolve the Feldenkrais Method?

An important distinction that Alan talks about in this podcast is the difference between “competence” and “confidence.” What happens when a Feldenkrais student has finished his or her training? They have been certified “competent” to begin practicing the work, but perhaps do not FEEL confident about their abilities? Can Feldenkrais training programs help to address this issue? Alan Questel thinks that they can.

Enjoy. And stay tuned for Part 2 of this conversation where we talk about creativity and embodying the creative process.

Feldenkrais Podcast with Download Alan Questel Podcast

Rolfing Podcast: Inside Structural Integration

I just realized that the “insidesi” website that I quoted in a previous post has a podcast. There are interviews with Will Johnson, Joseph Heller and others. It looks like a great resource for “Somatic Practitioners” of any flavor:

Sructural Integration Podcast

I believe that website had died. I cannot find it anywhere.
Cheers – Ryan

Feldenkrais® Podcast: A Primer.

If you have never listened to a podcast or audio on you computer may want to read the text below.

Otherwise, feel free to skip the text and go directly to the podcast links at the end of this post.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is simply an audio-file in a format that most (if not all) computers can read. You can click on each link below and then click the podcast. If you listen to it on your computer, you will probably need headphones or external speakers.

When you click each podcast-link a separate window will open. Depending on how fast your internet connection is, the audio will begin playing in 1 – 30 seconds.

Can I save the podcast and listen to it later?

Yes. Once the file has completely loaded into your computer, you can click “FILE” and then “SAVE AS” on your Internet browser to store it on your computer. You can then play it anytime that you want.

What about subscribing on iTunes?

Good idea. An easier way to use this podcast is to get iTunes. It is free and works on most PC’s and Macs: iTune Download. Once you have iTunes, search for Feldenkrais and you will see the podcast, as well as a button to subscribe. Each episode will download automatically and will be ready for your listening pleasure.

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Or test the waters and just click on a few of the podcast links. The links below all go to previous podcasts. Click one. It’s ok. It won’t hurt:

Feldenkrais Podcast #1: Marty Wiener #1
Feldenkrais Podcast #2: Marty Wiener #2
Feldenkrais Podcast #3: Dr. Larry Goldfarb #1
Feldenkrais Podcast #4: Dr. Larry Goldfarb #2
Feldenkrais Podcast #5: Dr. Alan Fogel
Feldenkrais Podcast #6: Jerry Karzen

cheers – Ryan

Feldenkrais Podcast #6 : Jerry Karzen

Jerry Karzen in Hawaii

Jerry Karzen in Hawaii

Jerry Karzen – One of Moshe Feldenkrais’ original American students. Find out how Jerry found himself in the San Francisco International Feldenkrais Training in 1977. And how he ultimately came to become a close friend of Dr. Feldenkrais and organize the Amherst Training in 1980.

Learn the story behind Jerry’s filming of Moshe Feldenkrais that has left us with an enduring video legacy of Dr. Feldenkrais teaching Awareness Through Movement and giving Functional Integration lessons. Jerry shares some wonderful, and sometimes personal, anecdotes of his relationship with Moshe and about the Amherst Training.

Jerry – Thanks for taking the time to do this. I hope we do it again – Ryan

Feldenkrais Podcast #6: A conversation with Jerry Karzen

Feldenkrais Podcast #5: Dr. Alan Fogel

I first came across Dr. Fogel’s work through a presentation arranged by Mark Reese back in 1998..or so. Mark brought Alan to one of his San Diego Feldenkrais Trainings to give a 1-day workshop on…well, I don’t remember what it was on, but it was really, really, cool and it made perfect sense at the time. The main benefit of going to Alan’s workshop was that I become aware of his book:

Which is a GREAT read, especially when you are working a dead-end temp-job with nothing much to do. Anyway, I read all of Alan’s research – even the stuff that didn’t make a damn bit of sense to me and I – sigh – applied and got into graduate school at the University of Utah.

At least in Utah when you say that you are a “graduate student” people know what you mean. I used to tell people that I was a “Feldenkrais Practitioner” but they would usually just grab their children and quickly walk away. That’s really a pisser for your self-esteem. There must have been some famous utah polygamist named “Ryan Feldenkrais” or something. So anyhow, here’s a most-excellent podcast with Dr. Alan Fogel, Professor of Psychology at the University, Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner and a really nice guy. Find out how Dr. Fogel’s somatic journeys have influenced his personal life and scientific research:

Feldenkrais Podcast with Dr. Alan Fogel
If you want to know more about Dr. Fogel’s research, please visit the Fogel Infant Lab Website.

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Feldenkrais Podcast #4 : Dr. Larry Goldfarb discusses Feldenkrais Research

imgresIn this podcast with Larry Goldfarb, and the next with Alan Fogel (coming soon), we discuss some issues related to Feldenkrais research.

What are the roles of research in a “systemic” methodology such as the Feldenkrais Method? Can research inform Feldenkrais practice? Is it possible that researchers are actually looking for Feldenkrais principles but do not know it? We will also discuss some major “categories” and intentions of scientific research.

Most importantly, when you listen to this podcast, you will be able to find out what makes Larry Goldfarb cry…

cheers! – Ryan

Another conversation with Dr. Larry Goldfarb

Near the end of this podcast, Larry and I discuss his “more or less” monthly newsletter. If you would like to sign up for it, please send an email You can also take a look at some of Larry’s products and workshops that are available at EasyMovement.

Feldenkrais Podcast #3 : A conversation with Dr. Larry Goldfarb

This is the first of two conversations that I have had with Dr. Goldfarb. In this conversation we focus on Larry’s use of technology to train Feldenkrais Practitioners. I contacted him to be on the Feldenkrais Podcast because Larry really seems to “get” technology and I wanted to know how he employs it in his Feldenkrais Training Programs. Enjoy! – Ryan

A conversation with Larry Goldfarb
If you are interested in purchasing any of Dr. Goldfarb’s products, please take a look at the EasyMovement website.

Larry’s main website is at

Feldenkrais Podcast #2 : Further down the Rabbit Hole with Marty Weiner

Feldenkrais Podcast #2 : Further down the Rabbit Hole with Marty Weiner

Or click the link to download the podcast:
Another conversation with Martin Weiner (not Wiener)

The article that Marty and I touch on during our conversation can be downloaded by clicking: Awareness in Functional Integration.

My first podcast with Marty can be found here: Feldenkrais Podcast #1: A Conversation with Martin Weiner.

Martin Weiner’s Death

Marty died several years after this podcast aired. I had it in mind to do another session with him. We talked briefly about the idea, but it never came to pass. On the page that you can reach by clicking below are my thoughts on his death. His voice is sorely missed within the Feldenkrais community. We needed him and we need more like him: Martin Weiner, 1943-2011