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Puppet Show with Feldenkrais!


Years ago, in approximately 2005, when I first began selling Feldenkrias stuff online, my idea was to break free from selling products as “Feldenkrais” and to go directly for what people were searching for online. For example, rather than selling “Feldenkrais TMJ Lessons,” I would sell “Natural TMJ Relief” or “TMJ Exercises.” It was a great idea. But my skill set and understanding of online marketing was not strong enough. I made several attempts at selling “Drug-Free Back Pain Relief” and “Natural Back Pain Relief” but ultimately, the only thing that gained traction was Feldenkrais Back Pain Relief.

In the short term, selling within the “Feldenkrais” arena was a good move. It helped keep me afloat financially while I kept learning about programming, and internet marketing and sales. But you know what? For me, “Feldenkrais” is a rate-limiting term. It limits growth, awareness and sales. Again – for me. It might be different for you.

So, with a strange mixture of having a heavy heart and also a sense of excitement, I am launching my next “mini product” with Feldenkrais as a tag line. I won’ tell you exactly what I will be launching, as I am not quite sure. But to give you an example: “Back Pain Relief, Using Feldenkrais Principles.”

I think perhaps it is better to gain traction in a larger market than to gain traction in a smaller market. Especially one with very slow rate of growth.

Just some thoughts for now. As usual, I write and publish this stuff as an aid to my own thinking and action. Your mileage may vary.

Feldenkrais and TMJ: The Mayo Clinic Gets It Wrong.

About 30 minutes ago, I read a statement on the Mayo Clinic website that noted:

“Severe TMJ disorders may need to be treated with dental or surgical interventions.” (From: Mayo Clinic)

That’s a simple statement that few would take issue with. And it seems to meet the unconscious expectations that many of us have, such as “Long term pain in body means surgery may be necessary.” As I have written previously on this blog, there is a great deal of research to suggest that pain symptoms do not always have a structural cause and it has been demonstrated that many people with defined “causes” do not necessarily have pain symptoms (See: Think Your Pain Symptoms Are Caused By a Structural Problem?)

However, the Mayo Clinic’s assertions are somewhat shocking because in the case of TMJ problems, there isn’t any reliable evidence that surgery or dental implants work for TMJ pain. Research organizations such as the NIH have repeatedly stressed that there is little evidence supporting surgery. For example,

“There have been no long-term clinical trials to study the safety and effectiveness of surgical treatments for TMJ disorders. Nor are there standards to identify people who would most likely benefit from surgery.” (From: NIH)

If you want more detail, I did a post about TMJ and Dental devices on my blog that promotes my Feldenkrais TMJ program. For those of you who do Feldenkrais-related work or are interested in doing so, using Feldenkrais for TMJ meets all of the suggested requirements put out by the NIH and NIDCR. Namely, that treatments should be

1) Conservative and reversible

2) Customized to a client’s special needs.

And treatments that can cause permanent changes in the bite or jaw should be avoided.

Even more to the point: “Simple self-care practices such as relaxation techniques, stress reduction, and biofeedback are often effective in easing TMJ symptoms.”