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Feldenkrais Classes and Workshops in Salt Lake City, Utah

Update 2020: Daniel Schmidt is a friend and someone who has given me wonderful Feldenkrais sessions. Find him at:

Update 2019: Carol Lessinger teaches in Salt Lake City and teaches a variety of Feldenkrais Classes and workshops. I have done several sessions with Carol and benefitted greatly. Check out her website: Carol Lessinger Feldenkrais.

I can heartily recommend taking public Feldenkrais classes with Carl Rabke and Erin Geesaman. Between the two of them, Carl and Erin must have over 40 years of experience teaching the “movement arts.”

cheers – Ryan


Feldenkrais Training in New York City?

I just got off the phone with my friend Stefany who lives in the upper east side in New York City. Gets me to thinking – when should I visit New York next and where are the Feldenkrais Trainings in New York City? No point in visiting the Met, if I cannot also roll around on the floor and get in some “feldenkrais exercises.” If I remember correctly, Jeremy Krauss is teaching some advanced workshops for Feldenkrais practitioners in New York. But I can’t find the damn brochure that I grabbed at the last FGNA Conference (Definition: FGNA = Feldenkrais Guild of North America).

Looks like Larry Goldfarb, Feldenkrais Trainer, from Mind in Motion has several Feldenkrais Trainings in Manhatten. That could be a start. His next Feldenkrais Training segment is in January, 2007. No Longer Active Try: Feldenkrais New York or my good friend John Quinn: New York Feldenkrais Practitioner.

Feldenkrais and Dance.

When I first started applying the Feldenkrais Method to Dance, I was doing so mainly as a matter of happenstance. While finishing my 4-year Feldenkrais training, I was living in San Francisco in a house full of Ballet Dancers. They became my first Feldenkrais clients and my practice evolved to include more and more dancers. Now, in Utah, I see fewer and fewer dancers, mainly as a result of my busy schedule and lack of connection to the local dance scene. For some reason, my Feldenkrais clients in Utah tend to all be sufferers of chronic pain.

Anyway, I saw this brief mention of the Feldenkrais Method in an online article about the dance scene in Nova Scotia, Canada:

New alternate conditioning methods, including Pilates, yoga and Feldenkrais are helping dancers optimize their training and dance well into their 40s.

Ok, well, yes, it is an incredibly BRIEF mention of the Feldenkrais Method. The full-text of the article is at the Nova Scotia Chronicle Herald.

The Feldenkrais Method in North London.

I have an alert service (Google Alerts – it’s free) that tells me when new items have been posted online about the Feldenkrais Method. This morning, I recieved one regarding “The Good Health Guide” a website about holistic resources in North London. It appears to be a group blog of sorts, where various holistic health practitioners can post information about their classes and offerings. Not a bad idea.

Victoria Worsley wrote a post about her Feldenkrais classes in which she notes:

Developed by Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-84), an eminent physicist who also helped introduce Judo to Europe, The Feldenkrais Method is beginning to find its place as one of the most effective methods in the field of movement and body/mind or ’somatic’ learning. Already well established in Germany, Israel and the US, it has become best known in areas of the dance, music and performing worlds in the UK. However, its extraordinary possibilities are starting to be recognised far more widely now.

A nice advertisement for the Feldenkrais Method. You can read the rest of her post at the Good Health Guide. I don’t have any immediate plans to visit North London for Feldenkrais Classes (the trip across the pond is a bit too long). But I might look her up the next time I am in town!

***One second thought, perhaps I should modify the posting above, as I AM making plans to go to London next year and teach an online marketing and digital product creation seminar. Teaming up with my good friend Michael Beale, from the Executive Coaching Network. If you can’t make it to London, consider joining Bill O’Hanlon and myself (Ryan) and take the seminar in Sante Fe. We will be leading participants through five full-days of experiential activities that will give you everything you need to sell yourself, your ideas, and your products on the web. Take a look: The Web Whisperers.

Feldenkrais video by Feldenkrais Trainer, Larry Goldfarb

Ever wanted to know what a Feldenkrais lesson looks like? Check out the video below from Larry Goldfarb. Larry conducts Feldenkrais Method trainings all over the word. The short clip below is from a DVD series called “Ideas in Action,” designed to train Feldenkrais Practitioners, but if you are totally new to the world of the Feldenkrais Method, you might be interested to see the small portion of a “lesson” shown below.

BTW – Larry’s company Mind In Motion has a very informative website. I like the fact that he has some free articles and an audio-download or two.

More Feldenkrais video online….

Getting back to my earlier post on Feldenkrais and Feldenkrais Method Video online. Check out the video below. It was post on google video from an Australian (?) site called:
Don’t forget to turn on your speakers and hit the “play” button.

***video down temporarily. Use this link for now:

Feldenkrais Method® Video on YouTube?

Ahh…one of my favorite lessons “Book on Foot.” Or in this case “Books on Feet and Arms” – on YouTube! Hmmm. I fear that the uninitiated will see this video and think it some cute parlor trick or worse yet – a fraud.

However, what it represents is a human being capable of enacting true flexibility in intention and action throughout her entire system. Lea – You rock.

As for the rest of you Feldies – get your damn camera out and start YouTubing! And tell me again, what’s your lame excuse for not starting a Feldenkrais blog?

Here is Lea Kaufman, self-proclaimed Maestra de Metodo Feldenkrais®

**And yes, while the Guild Service marks are all over my main Feldenkrais site, they are not on this blog as they should be. I am working on it. This blog uses mysql and php and I keep screwing up the bottom panel somehow.

Feldenkrais and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

The website design is not particularly impressive, but Dr. Richard Sanders is one of the world’s foremost authorities on Thoracic Outlet Syndrom (TOC) and he recommends the Feldenkrais Method as a treatment for the disorder.

Here’s a brief quote:

Abdominal breathing, posture correction, and nerve glides, carried out on a daily basis, are a part of the therapy program. Gentle, slow movements and exercises are stressed. Methods like Feldenkrais have helped many people with TOS. Modalities to avoid are those that emphasize strengthening exercises, heavy weights, and painful stretching.

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