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Free Feldenkrais ImageRevised September 28th, 2010.

“The Moshe Feldenkrais Forty” and other Open-Source Materials on this blog and also are released under a Creative Commons share and share alike license. You are free to share, re-use and remix these materials in anyway you choose – even for profit making and commercial activities:

Creative Commons License

Materials based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais by Ryan Nagy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

To understand what I mean by “free” you may want to refer to my blog post on the subject: Free Feldenkrais Lessons.

Here are some posts on this blog where you can get some open-source transcripts and information: Feldenkrais Back Pain Relief. You can also purchase mp3’s based on those sessions from the most widely downloaded Feldenkrais mp3 on the internet: Feldenkrais Back Pain Relief. I have created a special discount code for open-source people to use on any of my paid products. The code is “open” (without the quotes) and gives you a 30% discount – even on already discounted merchandise or package deals.

On the value of open-source Feldenkrais: Feldenkrais Materials. My first free open source session: The Feldenkrais Forty #1: Scanning Yourself (Deeply). More will also be available on Moshe Moshe Feldenkrais.

One thought on “Open-Source Free Feldenkrais

  1. Jolene

    Thx so much for sharing the free Feldenkrais Forty #1 Scanning Yourself Deeply session Ryan. I am new to discovering the Feldenkrais Method and think it is awesome. I have a body that is in chronic pain from my heels, to my knee replacements, a herniated disc, rotator cuff surgeries, etc. all the time. I feel much different after the session. Can you tell me where to access the other 39 sessions? I am new to your site as well. Any direction you can give me I would appreciate it. I want to learn to move without pain. Thx again.

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