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Feldenkrais: Skeleton And Consciousness

I hesitated in posting the video below as the topic is not one that particularly resonates with me at this very moment. But I really like the idea of more and more people creating their own compilations and “mash ups” related to Moshe and his ideas.

Below we have a video and thoughts compiled by Helen Workman. I hope she creates some more to share. The voice you hear near the end is John Chester, MD. John took some time during and after his training to triangulate the ideas he learned in his Feldenkrais training with what he called, “the functional neurology of the skeleton.”

For me, written, audio and video representations of what Moshe said or did are nothing more than a potential source of ideas. And Moshe himself could do no more than attempt point to an idea through his words and movement. But they can, at times, be a useful place to begin:

skeleton_consciousness_wellbeing from helen workman on Vimeo

Download the video to your computer: Feldenkrais Video Skeleten And Consciousness.

Special thanks to Lea Kauffman who made me aware of the above video through an email promoting a workshop: Alan Questel, Skeletal Power (In Mexico).

Free Feldenkrais-Based Back Pain Relief Workshop

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Ready for some more open-source, share-and-share-alike Feldenkrais resources? Good!

Back Pain Relief Transcripts Based on the Work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

A group of open-source, Self-Awareness Through Movement lessons, designed to reduce and eliminate back pain, as well as improve the movement of your entire spine.

Based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, these sessions are also available for sale as audio downloads: Feldenkrais Back Pain Relief.

The session names are:
1) Primary Movements of the Back
2) Turning Through the Spine
3) Relax and Move the Back
4) Moving Through the Spine:

All transcripts are in word document (doc and docx) and pdf format. Click to Download:

Back Pain Relief Transcripts

Creative Commons License

Do you now one other person who could use these? Please consider clicking the button below to send them an email.

Feldenkrais: Free Your Ankles, Free Your Back

I’m taking some time to do Ruthy Alon’s Feldenkrais, Awareness Through Movement series, called “Free Your Back.” (I don’t know where you can buy the series, I bought mine at the FGNA conference in Portland last year.) I’m doing the series for a number of reasons, not the least of which is research – I am readying a follow-up volume to my Feldenkrais Back Pain Relief mp3 download series, called “Eliminate Back Pain Now.” It’s always good to see what other practitioners have done already.

I discovered a fascinating thing while doing the series. It was something that made me feel like a rank beginner. Somehow, over the last few years (or decades?) I had lost a great deal of movement in my ankles. Doing a particular lesson in the series, dropping down into the ground while standing, bending my knees, keeping a soft back and flexing my ankles so that I could drop down further…at some point…I realized that there was an additional amount…a HUGE amount…that I could easily and safely flex my ankles. The movement reverberated through my entire system, evoking ease and flexibility throughout.

I’ve done similar movements on my own, in trainings, in workshops, but somehow this time, it really “clicked” and I perceived the pattern.

A few minutes later, I went into my kitchen to get some soup. The soup is in the lowest cupboard, just a few inches off the ground. When I bent down to get it, I rode down into the crouching posture as if my joints had been oiled with warm butter. Hmmm. Love it.

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All seventeen of the podcast interviews on this site can be purchased and downloaded at once – Over 10 hours of material directly to your computer. Interviews and Awareness Through Movement Sessions from Feldenkrais Trainers, Practitioners and researchers, including, Jerry Karzen, Frank Wildman, Larry Goldfarb, Alan Questel, Martin Weiner, Katrin Smithback, Diana Razumny, Alan Fogel, Moti Nativ and Dr. Stephen Gilligan. Over 9 hours of material, including lectures, commentary and several Feldenkrais, Awareness Through Movement Lessons. Also, comes with a 16 page Feldenkrais eBook, that contains the original blog posts, pictures of Moshe Feldenkrais and some of his trainings and links to resources. Over 9 hours of material!!

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Feldenkrais MP3 Downloads. Are you selling online yet?

I recently gave my main Feldenkrais site an upgrade. I modified a free web page template to make the site slicker, quicker and easier to load. I also wanted to make it easier to create and sell digital Feldenkrais Products on the website.

What is a digital Feldenkrais Product?

A CD, DVD, VHS tape or even a cassette tape can be converted to a “digital” format, which can then be saved and used on your computer. If you have listened to my podcast, bought a song on iTunes, imported one of you compact disks onto your computer, or bought an eBook, then you have used a digital product.

In my case, I record Feldenkrais, Awareness Through Movement lessons directly into my computer. I then use iTunes to convert the audio into a compact form called “mp3.” I can then sell the mp3 online. Or in the case of my Feldenkrais Podcast I can give it away. Perhaps it sounds “geeky” and complicated, but I can teach anyone to do it. If you know how to use email and a web browser, you can learn how to create and sell products online. Technically, I do not even need to be in the room with you in order to teach you. You can do it through my downloadable training videos.

There are many, many benefits to selling digital products. For one thing, selling is automated. Once you have created and uploaded your products, the whole process works in the background. You do not have to address packages or go to the post office. You don’t have to deposit or cash checks because the money goes directly into your account. And best of all, you are not spending money to create and manufacture CDs and DVDs. Once you create a digital product you can sell 5, 500 or 5000 for about the same cost.

Take a look at my Breathing “Exercises” which are available for $7.00. They are based on several of the Alexander Yanai lessons on breathing such as paradoxical breathing, and “to weld by breathing.” I tested the download process with one of my most technophobic and technologically challenged friends. She had no problem buying and using the lessons.

I realize that from a Feldenkrais perspective, Awareness Through Movement lessons are not exercises. But when selling online, you need to consider the mind of the market. My online research led me to discover that a considerable number of people seach for “breathing exercises” on google. They do not search for “breathing lessons.” I need to give people the greatest opportunity to discover my products, so initially, I speak in their language.

No longer available:
By the way, if you are interested in learning about using the internet to sell online, come to the Internet Marketing “Bootcamp” that I will be teaching with Bill O’Hanlon in January. Or if you are not ready to sign up just yet, do our email course which will teach you how to market online and create passive and residual income through your products: Designing Your Life of Freedom

Feldenkrais Podcast #9: Alan Questel on Creativity

This is Part Two of my conversation with Alan Questel. In this 20 minute Feldenkrais Podcast we discuss creativity and embodying the creative process. Can creativity be taught with the Feldenkrais Method? Was Moshe actually using Awareness Through Movement to teach creativity? Listen to Alan’s thoughts on these and other topics.

Part Two: Download: A conversation with Alan Questel

The CD Set, “Creating Creativity: Embodying the Creative Process” can be purchased directly from Alan Questel – ASQUESTEL AT aol.com

You can also purchase if from Seth Paris at Easy Movement

Feldenkrais Podcast #8: Alan Questel

As promised, Part 1 of my long-awated podcast with Alan Questel, Feldenkrais Trainer. Sorry for the delay!

In my conversation with Alan he speaks about some of the new teaching and learning strategies that he is using in his latest Feldenkrais Training programs, as he explores several questions:

Are there more effective ways to teach Functional Integration and Awareness Through Movement? How is it possible to evolve the Feldenkrais Method?

An important distinction that Alan talks about in this podcast is the difference between “competence” and “confidence.” What happens when a Feldenkrais student has finished his or her training? They have been certified “competent” to begin practicing the work, but perhaps do not FEEL confident about their abilities? Can Feldenkrais training programs help to address this issue? Alan Questel thinks that they can.

Enjoy. And stay tuned for Part 2 of this conversation where we talk about creativity and embodying the creative process.

Feldenkrais Podcast with Download Alan Questel Podcast

Feldenkrais Podcast #6 : Jerry Karzen

Jerry Karzen in Hawaii

Jerry Karzen in Hawaii

Jerry Karzen – One of Moshe Feldenkrais’ original American students. Find out how Jerry found himself in the San Francisco International Feldenkrais Training in 1977. And how he ultimately came to become a close friend of Dr. Feldenkrais and organize the Amherst Training in 1980.

Learn the story behind Jerry’s filming of Moshe Feldenkrais that has left us with an enduring video legacy of Dr. Feldenkrais teaching Awareness Through Movement and giving Functional Integration lessons. Jerry shares some wonderful, and sometimes personal, anecdotes of his relationship with Moshe and about the Amherst Training.

Jerry – Thanks for taking the time to do this. I hope we do it again – Ryan

Feldenkrais Podcast #6: A conversation with Jerry Karzen