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Moshe Feldenkrais at Rotterdam (1977)


I recently purchased an mp3 CD that contains over 13 hours of lectures and Awareness Through Movement by Moshe Feldenkrais. The material was taught in Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1976. True to the understated (one could say boring) marketing style of the International Feldenkrais Federation, the lessons are described thus:

Volume 1: Moshe Feldenkrais in Rotterdam 1976 (MP3 audio files). In this workshop Dr. Feldenkrais teaches seven classic lessons that range from simple to challenging.” (snooze).

Seven classic lessons my ass! The mp3’s are vintage Moshe. From the very first moment he dives right in as only he can do – speaking to experiential learning, health, awareness, the relationship between structure and function – the primacy of movement for functions of life. Hmmm!! If you are interested in Moshe’s work, grab this product and geek out. You will be glad that you did. After listening to the first two hours, I have been experiencing myself and the work much more deeply.

Luckily, I found about the CD’s and bought them based on the basis of recommendations of several people in the community, not from the IFF’s description above. Who recommended the sessions to me? I can’t tell you lest I be accused of something. Normally I don’t mind. But today, I am not in the mood. Let’s just say that it was Che Guevara. On a motorcycle trip around the world, he became aware of the suffering of Feldenkrais practitioners. He is one his way to Portland to start a revolution. He is armed.

Unfortunately, the sound quality on the CD is not that great, there is a bit of echo here and there and some “tinny” sounds. And for a guy like me with tinnitus, it can be damn annoying at times. I already have enough ringing in my ears from the meth-induced abuse to myself that I did in the 80’s. But even so, I can tell you that after the first two sessions I am completely hooked. Come to think of it I got hooked on meth just as easily.

By the way: According to the IFF the products on the website are only “for the exclusive use of persons who have graduated from, or are currently enrolled in, a professional Feldenkrais training program.” Yea, whatever. Just between you and I, the IFF has no way of verifying if you are or are not in a training or have graduated from one. So do yourself a favor – if you want them just order them.

And don’t worry – Moshe wants you to have these sessions. He told me. I swear. In fact, in a dream last night Moshe told me, “Ryan, thou art my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” I was a bit scared when he told me that. Sensing my fear, he gently rolled my head. I breathed deeply. The master had touched me! And I will never forget what Moshe told me next. It was so weird. He said,

You will go to the Dagobah system. There you will learn from Yoda, the Jedi Master who instructed me.

My eyes opened wide. I wanted to speak, but he waved me off impatiently and said:

Oi! Don’t be idiotic!! Listen to the Rotterdam mp3’s first.

Moshe Feldenkrais at Rotterdam

Update: April, 2013. I do not think you can buy the Rotterdam sessions unless you are a Feldenkrais Practitioner. Give me some time and I will see if I can figure out a way for you to steal them or obtain them illegally.

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The “Moshe Feldenkrais Forty” #1: Scanning Yourself (Deeply)

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Update: March 22nd, 2017: This site is rarely updated. Come join me on my private site where you can get access to kick-ass Feldenkrais sessions that you can do wherever you are: https://www.ryannagy.com/moptions/

Update: May 20th, 2013: The Feldenkrais session below is still available for free as are several on this website. However, my Feldenkrias Forty sessions were replaced by my “Feldenkrais Classics” series available on my newest blog on RyanNagy.com.

More Feldenkrais sessions available here: http://utahfeldenkrais.org/feldenkraismp3.html

Some history. About 7 months ago, I released some Feldenkrais transcripts under a Creative Commons license: Open-source Feldenkrais-based lessons and Free Feldenkrais-Based Back Pain Relief Workshop. As much as I enjoyed creating those transcripts and putting them online, I personally gain more from recording them. Likewise, Mp3 audio sessions are also easier to share and learn from than a simple transcript.

So in that vein, welcome to the first of many free, open-source, Feldenkrais-based mp3 sessions or “Feldenkrais Exercises” as Google seems to label them.

Why Free? In the modern, interconnected world in which we live, ideas that get adopted thrive. Everything else seems to fade away and die. In the modern, interconnected world in which we live, the more ideas are understood and used, they more they thrive and evolve.

It’s that simple.

It’s time to get the work out into the world in a format that will allow them to take hold and help anyone who is willing to put in the time and attention to use them.

Historically, the Americanized trademarked-version of Moshe Feldenkrais’ work, commonly called “the Feldenkrais Method” evolved from a control mentality. The originators of the original trademark/legal scheme thought that if they built walls around the ideas – locked them up in copyrights and trademarks and guilds and such – that the ideas would thrive.

They were wrong.

The work evolved from Moshe Feldenkrais is rich, complex and multi-faceted. It cannot be contained in service marks. Moshe knew this and he required none of his original students in Israel to join a guild nor pay him fees or royalties. They never signed legal agreements. And he never sued anyone that went their own way. He may have gotten angry or have been disappointed. But he never, ever resorted to legal means to control others. How could he? Such means were anathema to a man such as Moshe.

He wanted to his students to be independent. His life was dedicated to helping his students be independent.

You can click to download a copy: Scanning Yourself (Deeply)

Creative Commons License

more info

Disclaimer: The Feldenkrais sessions presented on this website are for educational and entertainment purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional help nor medical treatment. Nothing on this web site is intended to diagnose or treat any pathology or disease of any kind. Neither the author of the session, any interviewee nor the owner of the website, cannot be held responsible for any injuries or discomfort that occur. Stay in your own range of comfort and do not do anthing that is painful or uncomfortable.

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Upcoming Podcasts, Plus Feldenkrais Mp3 Discount Code

Feldenkrais: Feed Your Brain

Feldenkrais: Feed Your Brain

Chava and Ruthy Podcasts

I am slowly working my way towards podcasts with Chava Chelhav of Child’Space fame and (I hope) Ruthy Alon, creator of Bones for Life. More than just students of Moshe Feldenkras, Chava Chelhav and Ruthy Alon are thinkers and innovators in their own right and I am looking forward to speaking with each.

The hold up, as usual, is my own schedule and the multitude of projects that I am working on. Check back for more details.

Feldenkrais Mp3’s: 50% Discount

For the first time ever, I am discounting the mp3 downloads from my Feldenkrais store (a full 50% until 11/30). I am doing this for several reasons.

First, sales have been down the last few months, and I want to get them back up again. Second, there are still many Feldenkrais practitioners, students, and aficionados who have not learned how simple and easy it is to purchase and use downloads. Third – and most importantly – as technology continues to change and as people continue to want greater access to materials, the demand for instantly accessible mp3’s and transcripts and other products is only going to increase. Learn about them, so you can continue to evolve YOUR method and practice.

The discount code is “PEACE” and it takes 50% of at checkout. You can pay with any major credit card via GoogleCheckout or Paypal. The process is as “safe as kittens.” Both services use SSL which is military-grade data enrcyption, meaning all of your sensitive data is encoded. And I never have access to the info, I only get your name and email address. (Expired)

Try it out: Feldenkrais mp3 Downloads.

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Free Feldenkrais-Based Back Pain Relief Workshop

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Ready for some more open-source, share-and-share-alike Feldenkrais resources? Good!

Back Pain Relief Transcripts Based on the Work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

A group of open-source, Self-Awareness Through Movement lessons, designed to reduce and eliminate back pain, as well as improve the movement of your entire spine.

Based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, these sessions are also available for sale as audio downloads: Feldenkrais Back Pain Relief.

The session names are:
1) Primary Movements of the Back
2) Turning Through the Spine
3) Relax and Move the Back
4) Moving Through the Spine:

All transcripts are in word document (doc and docx) and pdf format. Click to Download:

Back Pain Relief Transcripts

Creative Commons License

Do you now one other person who could use these? Please consider clicking the button below to send them an email.

Eliminate Back Pain Workshop Audio + Transcripts

My “Eliminate Back Pain” series has recently been updated, with 4 new sessions to help eliminate back pain while sitting.

For practitioners who want to teach their own back pain workshops, I have also added an option that includes transcripts of the 11 Feldenkrais-based sessions. You could be up and running and teaching your own back pain workshops in just a couple of days.

Full details at my Feldenkrais mp3 (downloads) store. These products come with an unconditional money-back guarantee. And I will keep a back-up copy for you in case you have a hard drive crash or otherwise need them replaced.

cheers! – Ryan

Feldenkrais: Free Your Ankles, Free Your Back

I’m taking some time to do Ruthy Alon’s Feldenkrais, Awareness Through Movement series, called “Free Your Back.” (I don’t know where you can buy the series, I bought mine at the FGNA conference in Portland last year.) I’m doing the series for a number of reasons, not the least of which is research – I am readying a follow-up volume to my Feldenkrais Back Pain Relief mp3 download series, called “Eliminate Back Pain Now.” It’s always good to see what other practitioners have done already.

I discovered a fascinating thing while doing the series. It was something that made me feel like a rank beginner. Somehow, over the last few years (or decades?) I had lost a great deal of movement in my ankles. Doing a particular lesson in the series, dropping down into the ground while standing, bending my knees, keeping a soft back and flexing my ankles so that I could drop down further…at some point…I realized that there was an additional amount…a HUGE amount…that I could easily and safely flex my ankles. The movement reverberated through my entire system, evoking ease and flexibility throughout.

I’ve done similar movements on my own, in trainings, in workshops, but somehow this time, it really “clicked” and I perceived the pattern.

A few minutes later, I went into my kitchen to get some soup. The soup is in the lowest cupboard, just a few inches off the ground. When I bent down to get it, I rode down into the crouching posture as if my joints had been oiled with warm butter. Hmmm. Love it.

Get all 17 Feldenkrais Podcasts Instantly for $14.95

All seventeen of the podcast interviews on this site can be purchased and downloaded at once – Over 10 hours of material directly to your computer. Interviews and Awareness Through Movement Sessions from Feldenkrais Trainers, Practitioners and researchers, including, Jerry Karzen, Frank Wildman, Larry Goldfarb, Alan Questel, Martin Weiner, Katrin Smithback, Diana Razumny, Alan Fogel, Moti Nativ and Dr. Stephen Gilligan. Over 9 hours of material, including lectures, commentary and several Feldenkrais, Awareness Through Movement Lessons. Also, comes with a 16 page Feldenkrais eBook, that contains the original blog posts, pictures of Moshe Feldenkrais and some of his trainings and links to resources. Over 9 hours of material!!

Only $14.95 Instant Download.

Purchase via Paypal or Google Checkout:

Add to Cart
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** Safe Shopping Guaranteed pay via Google Checkout or PayPal and keep your personal information safe and secure.

Feldenkrais MP3 Downloads. Are you selling online yet?

I recently gave my main Feldenkrais site an upgrade. I modified a free web page template to make the site slicker, quicker and easier to load. I also wanted to make it easier to create and sell digital Feldenkrais Products on the website.

What is a digital Feldenkrais Product?

A CD, DVD, VHS tape or even a cassette tape can be converted to a “digital” format, which can then be saved and used on your computer. If you have listened to my podcast, bought a song on iTunes, imported one of you compact disks onto your computer, or bought an eBook, then you have used a digital product.

In my case, I record Feldenkrais, Awareness Through Movement lessons directly into my computer. I then use iTunes to convert the audio into a compact form called “mp3.” I can then sell the mp3 online. Or in the case of my Feldenkrais Podcast I can give it away. Perhaps it sounds “geeky” and complicated, but I can teach anyone to do it. If you know how to use email and a web browser, you can learn how to create and sell products online. Technically, I do not even need to be in the room with you in order to teach you. You can do it through my downloadable training videos.

There are many, many benefits to selling digital products. For one thing, selling is automated. Once you have created and uploaded your products, the whole process works in the background. You do not have to address packages or go to the post office. You don’t have to deposit or cash checks because the money goes directly into your account. And best of all, you are not spending money to create and manufacture CDs and DVDs. Once you create a digital product you can sell 5, 500 or 5000 for about the same cost.

Take a look at my Breathing “Exercises” which are available for $7.00. They are based on several of the Alexander Yanai lessons on breathing such as paradoxical breathing, and “to weld by breathing.” I tested the download process with one of my most technophobic and technologically challenged friends. She had no problem buying and using the lessons.

I realize that from a Feldenkrais perspective, Awareness Through Movement lessons are not exercises. But when selling online, you need to consider the mind of the market. My online research led me to discover that a considerable number of people seach for “breathing exercises” on google. They do not search for “breathing lessons.” I need to give people the greatest opportunity to discover my products, so initially, I speak in their language.

No longer available:
By the way, if you are interested in learning about using the internet to sell online, come to the Internet Marketing “Bootcamp” that I will be teaching with Bill O’Hanlon in January. Or if you are not ready to sign up just yet, do our email course which will teach you how to market online and create passive and residual income through your products: Designing Your Life of Freedom

Feldenkrais Podcast #12: Dr. Frank Wildman

Dr. Wildman is perhaps one of the most prolific Feldenkrais Trainers having taught dozens of Feldenkrais Trainings in areas as such as the U.S., Japan, Australia and many countries in Europe. In this aproximately 35 minute conversation I talk with Frank about whether the Feldenkrais Method is more accepted in certain parts of the world and what might account for that.

We have a wide and varied conversation, discussing the marketing and the “perceived value”of the method, mentioning some recently succesfull examples of marketing acumen as found in Pilates and Yoga. Frank mentions the need for effective business models and business skills, to help spread the Feldenkrais Method.

I ask Frank about some of the historical details about the early Feldenkrais trainings and to speak to some of Moshe’s early thoughts about the Feldenkrias Method as a profession.

We end with a brief conversation about Dr. Wildman’s workshop, “Your Brain as the Core of Strength and Stability.” Short video’s of which you can see elsewhere on this blog.

Feldenkrais Podcast #12: Download Podcast With Dr. Frank Wildman

For more information about Frank and his trainings and products, please take a look at the Feldenkrais Movement Institute Website.