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Feldenkrais Video: Reclaiming Rollers

I just got a mass email from Larry Goldfarb of Mind In Motion. In the email was a link to the video below showing brief video clips from Larry’s workshop entitled “Reclaiming Rollers.” Though I am not particularly inclined to promote the work of feldenkrais trainer’s, Larry’s video (and his work in general) stands out as being very clear, concise and focused on building skills. Rather than relying on a bunch of hooky testimonials from students or a bunch of over used “make the impossible possible” (gag) Feldenkrais quotes, the video below actually takes you INTO the workshop and into the experience of working with Larry Goldfarb.

The video will not appeal to everyone. And it would be easy to criticize the production values. But even though it is only 3-minutes long, if you are a practitioner of the work of Moshe Feldenkrais or have ever taken a training or workshop, you will likely get some value from the video. Why? Because Larry is demonstrating the work, not just talking about.

Feldenkrais Video: Reclaiming Rollers

Feldenkrais: Skeleton And Consciousness

I hesitated in posting the video below as the topic is not one that particularly resonates with me at this very moment. But I really like the idea of more and more people creating their own compilations and “mash ups” related to Moshe and his ideas.

Below we have a video and thoughts compiled by Helen Workman. I hope she creates some more to share. The voice you hear near the end is John Chester, MD. John took some time during and after his training to triangulate the ideas he learned in his Feldenkrais training with what he called, “the functional neurology of the skeleton.”

For me, written, audio and video representations of what Moshe said or did are nothing more than a potential source of ideas. And Moshe himself could do no more than attempt point to an idea through his words and movement. But they can, at times, be a useful place to begin:

skeleton_consciousness_wellbeing from helen workman on Vimeo

Download the video to your computer: Feldenkrais Video Skeleten And Consciousness.

Special thanks to Lea Kauffman who made me aware of the above video through an email promoting a workshop: Alan Questel, Skeletal Power (In Mexico).

Feldenkrais Video: Feldenkrais In Australia

A video (1 of 3) of Feldenkrais Practitioner Karen Sellman giving an introduction to “the work” at the Forth Annual Soft Tissue Therapy* conference in Manly, Australia.

Karen is teaching one of the “Book on the Foot” lessons. A pretty gutsy choice for teaching people new to the work, but she pulls it off. Well done. This is a experience the participants will not soon forget…

Notice how people start sinking into their own experience and getting progressively quieter and stiller during the rest breaks. You can also notice Karen’s speech and walking slow down as the session continues:

STT 2010 Feldenkrais – Karen Sellman (Part 1 of 3) por Radical_Posture

By the way – Did you notice how the video creator kept their URL on screen on the lower right hand corner the entire time. A good marketing technique. Did you go to their site? It certainly made it easier for me to find the site and link to it.

* Soft tissue if very important if you cry a lot during therapy.

“Self-Regulation.” An experimental film by Brad Beldner.

I loved it. And I’m not going to mess that up by analyzing it or verbalizing. I’ll stick with the feeling of what happens. Thanks Brad. More please.

More information about Brad Beldner: Integratred Bodywork (San Francisco Bay Area).

Feldenkrais Video: Dr. Feldenkrais Working With A Child With Cerebral Palsy.

It’s only a twelve-minute clip, but it’s worth watching. Do so now before it gets taken down for copyright violation.

Also, there are MUCH better ways to share Dr. Feldenkrais videos than simply using YouTube. If you really want to get him more airtime and to promote the work, I suggest you sign-up for a TubeMogul account. TubeMogul will help you to share Feldenkrais videos on many, many video sharing websites at once. You can upload a video of Dr. Feldenkrais ONCE and send it to multiple sites instantly. TubeMogul will do the work for you….and it’s free. If enough people are willing to do this, it will be virtually impossible for any organization to stop the spread of the work.

And if you get banned for sharing copyrighted material? Don’t worry about it. Just create another account from another email address.

Oops! I nearly forgot. I found out about this video from Barret Dorko’s twitter feed at: http://twitter.com/#!/wrtrohio Barret is a very intelligent man with some great ideas and links to many online resources. He, of course, has nothing to do with the content of this post. If you are a practitioner or fan of Moshe Feldenkrais and his work, I suggest that you follow Barrett.

Follow-Up Video

My apologies. I just noticed another video, post session:


Feldenkrais Video: A Functional Integration Session in Three Parts (Mia Segal)

Oohhh I love seeing all these videos of Functional Integration sessions online. So important. This one is from Mia Segal and Andrew.* The video and audio is clear…as is the demonstration. Thanks to all of you who record and share these. Keep them coming!

Mia Segal Functional Integration Session with Andrew, Part 1

Parts 2 and 3:

Feldenkrais Demonstration with Andrew, Part #2

Feldenkrais Demonstration with Andrew, Part #3

*Disclaimer: The material contained in the video herein are intended for mature and maturing audiences only. Should be absorbed with an open mind. Do not receive Feldenkrais sessions while operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment. May cause drowsiness or sleep-like symptoms.

More Feldenkrais videos available here: Feldenkrais Video

Feldenkrais Video: Over 269,000 views….

“Dancers have created a whole global laboratory online. Kids in Japan are taking moves from a YouTube video created in Detroit, building on it within days and releasing a new video, while teenagers in California are taking the Japanese video and remixing it to create a whole new dance style.” – Jonathan Chu, Filmaker.

In less than two years, the video below showing a small portion of a Feldenkrais Functional Integration session has been viewed on YouTube over 269,000 times. It has twice the number of views of the professionally produced Feldenkrais promo that was posted nearly 4 years ago and more views – by far – than any other Feldenkrais video posted to date. Would you have been able to predict that by viewing the video? I certainly would not have.

The video was probably not professionally produced. It looks like it was shot with a simple flip video camera or something similar. And yet it has the largest number of views of any Feldenkrais video on YouTube. Maybe you like the video maybe you don’t. But someone certainly does. And it’s clearly being shared and watched. And I’m guessing that it has helped the practitioner build his practice

Feldenkrais Video

From: http://noguchimove.web.fc2.com/

Click for other Feldenkrais videos posted on this blog.

Feldenkrais Video: Eli Wadler Functional Integration Session

Eli Wadler

Eli Wadler, one of Moshe Feldenkrais’s original students, has several videos online of him giving a Functional Integration session. Well worth viewing. It’s not only smart marketing, it’s good for the method, good for learning, and good for the diffusion of innovation. If you would like a brief overview of the importance of online video for sharing innovation, I highly recommend Chris Anderson’s TED Talk: How Web Video Powers Global Innovation.

Eli Wadler, Feldenkrais, Functional Integration Session, Part 1

Eli Wadler, Functional Integration Video, Part Two

Eli Wadler, Functional Integration Video, Part Three

Eli Wadler, Functional Integration Video, Part Four

Eli teaches in Germany and Switzerland and you can learn more about him on his web: Eli Wadler Feldenkrais.

Feldenkrais Class Taught By Baby Liv

I had a chance to watch this video several weeks ago before it came out, but I wanted to wait a bit before posting it so that I could see how the clip made its way through various social media channels such as Facebook. More than 40 people in my friends list posted and re-posted the clip below to their Facebook Profile. How many other people reposted, I do not know. But the end result was nearly 10,000 view in less than two weeks. A great start!

Feldenkrais By Baby Liv

When you are done, you may want to view the 8-minute clip of babies learning to sit and crawl that I posted several years ago: Babies Crawling