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Feldenkrais Video: Eli Wadler Functional Integration Session

Eli Wadler

Eli Wadler, one of Moshe Feldenkrais’s original students, has several videos online of him giving a Functional Integration session. Well worth viewing. It’s not only smart marketing, it’s good for the method, good for learning, and good for the diffusion of innovation. If you would like a brief overview of the importance of online video for sharing innovation, I highly recommend Chris Anderson’s TED Talk: How Web Video Powers Global Innovation.

Eli Wadler, Feldenkrais, Functional Integration Session, Part 1

Eli Wadler, Functional Integration Video, Part Two

Eli Wadler, Functional Integration Video, Part Three

Eli Wadler, Functional Integration Video, Part Four

Eli teaches in Germany and Switzerland and you can learn more about him on his web: Eli Wadler Feldenkrais.

Yochanan Rywerant: Teaching by Handling

Yochanan: Teaching By Hanlding

I’m recently back from two days in Austin, Texas where I had a chance to talk to, and record, multiple conversations with Mia Segal, Leora Gaster and their business coordinator Danielle Polfus. The first podcast from these conversations is nearly ready and should be up in a few days.

While talking to Mia, I mentioned that I was in the process of returning to my practice after 18 months off. I took the time off to better focus on self-application of the lessons from Alexander Yanai and the Esalen workshop. She asked me what resources that I would use to begin giving functional integration sessions again and I mentioned: The Feldenkrais Method: Teaching by Handling by Yochanan Rywerant. Mia was supportive of the idea.

I want to take a moment and give a full recommendation for Yochanan’s book. I’ve heard one or two people say that the book is too complicated for beginning practitioners or students in Feldenkrais training programs. I strongly disagree.

Though there are some descriptions and scientific explanations that may requite multiple readings or referring to external references such as an anatomy text, Yochanan has very explicit and detailed ways of illustrating Moshe’s ideas and demonstrating the work. Reading the book is well-worth the effort.

If you are a practitioner or student in need of a clarification of some topics, such as giving hands-on sessions, you can pick and choose chapters that meet your needs. For example, Chapter 9: “Schematic Outlines of A Few Model Sessions” contains detailed descriptions of 6 sessions, including sketches of starting positions and verbal descriptions of how to proceed.

There is nothing particular subversive about the book. Unless clear and explicit teaching is a threat to some in the community. However, if you are a student in one of the few training programs in which the trainers discourage students from seeking this type of information, feel free to buy and read the book and not tell anyone that you read it. You will be well-rewarded for engaging with Yochanan’s writing.

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Feldenkrias Images and Photos on Flickr

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement(R) lesson
Image by divamover via Flickr

Have you ever wondered what a Feldenkrais, Awareness Through Movement Lesson® looks like?

Take a look at the new “FeldyFotos” group on Flickr. Better yet, join Flickr (It’s Free). And then join the FeldyFotos group so you can share image of you Functional Integration sessions, Awareness Through Movement Classes and training. Why not? It’s a good way to share the Method with the world, and it fun too.

cheers – Ryan

By the way – I am new at Flickr and do not know their system very well, so I can’t answer too many questions about it, but join and play around. You can figure it out. And remember – rest whenever you want to.