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Conference Announcement

Milton Erickson Online Conference

Myself and my business partner, Rob McNeilly, are putting the final touches on the first ever, Online Milton Erickson Conference. This conference is large – with over 40 presentations and 5 keynotes. I thought you might like to take a look at it. We are offering it at a very large pre-launch discount until the end of this month.

You might be aware that Moshe met with Milton Erickson and mentioned him and his work many times at the Amherst Training. I had a difficult time finding a representative quote from the Amherst transcripts, but I did find a quote from Denis Leri’s “Mental Furniture” series in which he cited a portion of an interview with Dr. Feldenkrais:

Writer: “It would seem that your ideas and your methods have much in common with the work of Milton Erickson.

Moshe: “Oh yes, that’s true. I have a tremendous degree of respect for his work. And I met him. Margaret Mead introduced us.

Here is the conference link again, if you want to take a look at it: Online Milton Erickson Conference. Discount Expires Very Soon.

Steven Gilligan Podcast: Hypnosis, Milton and Moshe

Dr. Stephen Gilligan

Dr. Stephen Gilligan

In this 35-minute interview with Dr. Stephen Gilligan, we discuss a wide-variety of topics, including some of Steve’s early experiences with Milton Erickson, his development of Self-Relations Psychotherapy and the “third” generation of hypnosis, trance and change that he is developing now.

We also talk about some of the interrelations between between somatic practices such as Ericksonian Hypnosis, Feldenkrais-based methods and the martial arts and Steve shares some delightful stories about the meetings between Moshe Feldenkrais and Milton Erickson (Erickson and Feldenkrais) in 1976.

Steve conducts a yearly “Trance Camp” in Encinitas, California, which I have attended and thoroughly recommend. He also sells Hypnosis Training CD’s, DVD’s and books

Enjoy – Ryan Nagy

Stephen Gilligan Podcast (click to download)

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Feldenkrais Podcast #15: Dr. Stephen Gilligan

A Conversatation With Stephen Gilligan

Thanks to my good friend Michale Beale, a Business NLP Trainer from the U.K. I can offer you a conversation with Dr. Stephen Gilligan.

One of John Grinder and Richard Bandler’s original students, and also a student of Milton H. Erickson, Stephen is now an internationally respected trainer of hypnosis.

He is the author of numerous books in the area of hypnosis and psychotherapy including, “Therapeutic Trances: The Cooperation Principle in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy” He also wrote the “The Courage to Love: Principles and Practices of Self-Relations Psychotherapy” – to name just two of the many books, chapters and articles that he has written over the years.

Steve runs a yearly hypnosis training near San Diego, California called “Trance Camp.” Trance Camp is an experiential workshop for those interested in exploring hypnotic states and their relevance to creativity, change and personal evolution. (I spent 2 weeks in Steve’s trance camp back in 2001 and it was quite delightful. It’s kind of like the first year of a Feldenkrais training – I don’t remember much of but I know it was amazing.)

In years past, I know that Stephen has invited Feldenkrais Practitioners to teach daily Awareness Through Movement Lessons at his workshops. I am also under the impression that Stephen is the person who introduced Moshe Feldenkrais and Milton Erickson and was present at several of their meetings. I hope to talk to him personally about this in a future podcast.

For now, please enjoy Michael Beale and his conversation Dr. Stephen Gilligan:


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