Feldenkrais is Simple And Easy: Try It In The Comfort of Your Own Home.

Whether you suffer from chronic pain - back pain, TMJ pain, breathing problems - or simply want to experience the deep relaxation and focus that Feldenkrais helps to create, these sessions are carefully sequenced and easy-to-do.

Use them how you want to - in your own time and own way - in the privacy of your own home or office. Whatever you would like! No need to drive to a class or attend an expensive training. These downloads are 100% compatible with all music players and computer operating systems. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. After using them if you do not like them or do not want to keep them, just send me and email. I have a "No Questions Asked" Refund Policy.

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Feldenkrais Back Pain Relief: Eliminate Back Pain Now!

Eleven exercises and nearly 3 hours of "back pain busting" sessions!

Use Feldenkrais to get real, long-term, lasting relief from your back pain: lower, middle, and upper. You will begin getting relief with the first session as you also gain increased flexibility and comfort. You simply need a space to lie down, and 12 to 41 minutes depending on the length of each session.

If chiropractic, massage or physical therapy has not worked for you, you are in the right place! These sessions work! They help you change and eliminate the unconscious movement patterns that caused the strain and pain in the first place.

Nearly 3 hours of back pain relief spread out over 11 easy-to-do lessons. The mp3's are delivered automatically via email and you can download them and use them immediately. My Feldenkrais back pain relief exercises have worked for hundreds of people and they will work for you.

The Eliminate Back Pain NOW series - FOUR complete feldenkrais sessions:

  • Primary Movements of the Back (26 minutes)- helps create a flexible back so that pain never occurs.
  • Turning Through the Spine (33 minutes) - an amazing session that eliminates strain that you didn't even know that you had!
  • Relax and Move the Back (39 minutes) - add more ease to your movement.
  • Moving Through the Spine (25 minutes) - a healthy spine is critical to eliminating back pain.

Three Total Relaxation Back Pain Elimination Breathing Sessions (over 60 minutes)

Discover complete relaxation through breathing and eliminate back pain caused by breathing stress. These sessions will amplify your changes from the Eliminate Back Pain Now series by helping your ribs, lungs and pelvis move easier and simpler, eliminating pack pain symptoms caused by muscular tension in these areas.

  • Contracting the Abdomen While Breathing (20 minutes) - this short lesson will relax the heck out of you.
  • Breathing While Twisted (21 minutes) - DEEPLY Relaxing!
  • Breathing In All Directions (20 minutes) - Great for middle and upper back pain.

A Variety-Pack of "Relax Anywhere" mp3's

Need relief and relaxation right-away? Use these 5-15 minute sessions anywhere: at your computer desk, at home, at work, or on the bus. These sessions use hypnosis to help you relax instantly and stop back pain and stress in its tracks.

  • The Fifteen Minute Miracle
  • The Seven Minute Miracle
  • The Three Minute Miracle

"Beside Yourself with Comfort"

A supplemental visualization and educational session that will help you to change and eliminate pain. By pain-reduction expert, Bill O'Hanlon, author of 29 books and a guest on Oprah. (30 minutes)

Plus: Eliminate Back Pain While Sitting (At No Additional Cost)

These are great for use at home or office. Get relief from your back pain while sitting in your chair! Do these Feldenkrais sessions anywhere you can sit down. Concentrate better, feel better, gain increased flexibility and comfort. Get rid of the pain! Four separate mp3's delivered automatically via email, begin using them immediately, wherever you are.

Here's what is in your free bonus sessions:

  • The Eliminate Back Pain While Sitting Exercises - FOUR complete audio mp3's
  • Turning Right and Left (19 minutes) - Turning more easily eliminates back pain stress.
  • Opening and Folding (21 minutes)- these amazing session aligns your back, spine, and rib cage for sitting in comfort.
  • Chasing Your Hip (12 minutes) - a strange little session that just works.
  • Full Sitting Integration (20 minutes) - put it all together!

Eliminate Back Pain Now! (Power Pack)

More than 15-sessions and 5 hours of material for only

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Practitioner Power Pack: Back Pain Workshop in a Box.

Get all of the Feldenkrais mp3's above, plus transcripts of the Feldenkrais sessions - over 100 pages of material (!!), based on the sessions above, carefully transcribed and edited. The transcripts are provided in both Word and pdf format.

Use the transcripts to create your own classes, workshops and products. You can use them word-for-word or change and edit them as you see fit.

Practitioner Power Pack

Start teaching your own back pain workshops today!

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Eliminate TMJ Pain NOW!

Get relief from TMJ Pain using Feldenkrais Exercises

These TMJ pain relief exercises consist of six complete sessions that are easy and gentle to do. It is a myth that you need surgery or expensive dental devices to get rid of TMJ pain. What you need is to re-learn and re-member functional movement patterns that allow you to move your jaw with less pain...or no pain.

The exercises address the most important functions of your jaw and related areas such as your mouth, neck and shoulders. And they do so in a largely unconscious manner - allowing old painful muscular habits to disappear. Get relief from pain in your jaw, jaw joints, and in your chewing. Vey often clicking and popping sounds in the jaw disappear with your pain. These mp3's are delivered automatically via an email link, begin using them immediately, wherever you are.

Here's what you will get

The Eliminate TMJ Pain NOW series - SIX complete movement training sessions in audio format

  • Primary Movements of the Jaw (26 minutes) - a simple and shockingly effective session. Restores ease and range of motion.
  • Shoulder, Neck and Jaw Connections (24 minutes) - align your upper body to eliminate TMJ-pain-causing strain!
  • Head and Jaw Integration (20 minutes)
  • Eyes and Jaw Integration (21 minutes)-
  • Relax Your Tongue (22 minutes) - strange but true, your lips and tongue can relax and help eliminate TMJ pain.
  • Relax Your Lips (21 minutes)

Get rid of TMJ pain and TMJ symptoms now:

Six Exercises - over 120 minutes of material for only

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Eliminate TMJ Pain NOW Power Pack: TMJ Workshop in a Box.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) estimates that over 10 million people in the United States suffer from TMJ problems. Use your skills and this workshop to help them! Get the Eliminate TMJ pain relief exercises WITH transcripts so that you can easily teach your own TMJ workshops! Use the transcripts word-for-word or change and edit them as you see fit.

Six mp3 sessions with transcripts in multiple formats

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Special: Get all Products for One Low Price

New: MP3 Package Deal: Get ALL the products from my store for one low price: Eliminate Back Pain Now, Eliminate Back Pain While Sitting, Eliminate TMJ NOW, Breathing Sessions, Over 200 pages of carefully edited transcripts + 22 Never Before Released sessions from my University Childhood Development class that included Feldenkrais!

The free bonus sessions include feldenkrais exercises related to development including breathing, crawling, walking, hand movements and many others. Total package includes over 40 sessions! A ridiculous value. Buy now before I come to my senses and change my mind!

More than 40 Feldenkrais sessions, 200+ pages of transcripts and over 22 hours of material for only

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All Products + Coaching

Package Deal: Get ALL the products from my store (as detailed above) plus one hour of face-to-face online coaching via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or phone. Ask me any question about the downloads and how to benefit from them, the method, Feldenkrais, your plans to master the method or any other area that I can help you with.

More than 40 Feldenkrais sessions, 200+ pages of transcripts and over 22 hours of material and a full hour of coaching

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